What to do in 2001

At the beginning of each calendar year, people come up with resolutions to change their lives. Resolutions often include quitting a bad habit, losing weight, exercising more, and spending more time with friends and loved ones. I do this every years as well. I come up with a list of resolutions I intend to go through with to make myself healthier, wealthier, and more wise. Before 2011 begins, I will come up my resolutions for 2011. Some of these are probably the same as those from last year (I cannot remember the resolutions I came up with).

I am breaking my resolutions into different categories. I am doing so because there are areas of my life that are exclusive to each other. I came up with the following categories:

Personal Health
My Family
Personal Finances
Work Life

In each category I will come up with my 2011 resolutions. I will share these on WordPress and Facebook. The progress of each resolution will be shared throughout the year. Not everything will go smoothly according to plan. I am certain there will be obstacles I must overcome and plateaus I must rise above. It is important I publish the my progress to push myself into reaching my goals and prevent any laziness from setting in.

Will I complete 100% of what I set out to do? I hope so. Will I be upset if I do not make it 100% of the way there. I don’t think so. Any improvement I will make is better than not improving at all. These resolutions are not set in stone. I am setting a course to get from one point to another; however, I may need to change course. I may even go beyond what I set for myself. I don’t have to stop getting better because I reached my goals for the year.

When 2011 starts, I will publish the course I am going to set in improving myself. Join me. Read about my adventures in the coming year. Feel free to offer your opinions and advice. You can even laugh if you want to.

“You can be the Captain

I will draw the chart

Sailing into destiny

Closer to the heart”

(From “Closer To The Heart” by Rush, Lyrics by Neil Peart)

I want make my 2011 resolutions and go through with them. Will that be neat or what?


About helpermonkeytim

I'm just another person who is out there. I hope to make people think and laugh.
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