Goals (Resolutions) for 2011

I did it. I came up with a list of goals (resolutions) to complete during the year 2011. By forcing myself to go public with this, I feel it will motivate me to finish them. I wish to complete 100% of what I set out to do. May there be little resistance on the path I am setting out on. Without any further delay, here are the goals I am setting for myself in 2011.

Weigh 175 pounds by year’s end.

Have A1c (a term diabetics are too familiar with) below 7 by year’s end.

Do away with diet soda drinks by year’s end.

Track A1c monthly.

Read 15 books.

Write 200,000 words in journals and blogs.

Publish 26 blogs on WordPress.com.

Publish/Broadcast a podcast.

Read The New Testament.

75% Sacrament Meeting attendance.

Take Sherry to Park City for two-day getaway.

Take a week off to vacation at Disneyland.

Have 80 hours of sick leave at year’s end.

Have 60 hours of annual leave at year’s end.

No overtime at Hill Air Force Base.

Become a backup CSM at Wal-Mart.

Call in sick 2 days maximum at Wal-Mart.

Read my Australian history book.

Go without driving a car for work purposes two weeks in a row.

For obvious reasons, I am not publishing all of my resolutions. These are the ones I feel comfortable in going public with. I will keep everyone updated throughout the year how I am doing. May 2011 be the year I do all I set out to do. May 2011 be a great year for me. May 2011 be a great year for you as well.


About helpermonkeytim

I'm just another person who is out there. I hope to make people think and laugh.
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