Using My Computer To Share

This afternoon I decided to see what my computer can do. I wanted to edit and repost some audio I heard on a podcast. I have my own YouTube channel where I show selected home videos and audio clips. On my Apple iMac, would cut out the portions of podcasts I wished to repost. This was done using third-party programs downloaded from Apple Computer’s website. I did this for the purpose of showing points of view on any given topic.

Since purchasing my Apple MacBook in 2009, I have not downloaded any programs for audio editing. The question today was whether or not I could so this using any of the programs that came with this computers. The first step is to delete any unnecessary audio so I can use only what I needed. The second step is to apply any visual effects needed so that there will not be a blank screen when I post this on YouTube.

I read somewhere that one program on my computer, GarageBand, can be used to create podcasts. If GarageBand can create podcasts, it must be able to edit them as well. I chose to spend my afternoon finding out if that was the case. Learning the process of removing all but the few minutes of audio I need was a challenge. GarageBand (and essentially all of the software included on my computer), did not come with a user’s manual. Apple Computers provides great online resources for the do-it-your-self types who want to make a go at producing audio and video presentations. In addition to learning the correct way to edit this podcast, I could add additional sound effects and even commentary. However, I chose to keep it simple and use only the audio segments needed.

The next step involved using another program called iMovie. I used iMovie on my iMac to create videos uploaded to YouTube. I am using this program again to add the visual aspect of my video. In the case for this video, I chose a single image so my YouTube video will not have a blank screen. This image was easy to find. I used Google’s search engine for images. iMovie did have one challenge for me. It would only allow me to use this single image for a few minutes and not the length of my video. I didn’t want to take the time to get past this so I came up with a quick and simple solution – copy and paste. I copied the image enough times so the same image would show on the screen for the length of my video.

Once I had the podcast and image run length cut to size, all that was left was to “share” the video. iMovie has a “sharing” feature that allows me to save the movie to disk or post directly to YouTube (I did both). I needed to fill in the same questions asked when uploading videos using the YouTube site. Once answered, I pressed the Send button allowing iMovie to upload to YouTube for everyone to enjoy. How cool is that?

From all the Apple commercials shown on television, it makes the process of creating anything you want on the computer easy and simple. To some degree that is correct. However, I spent a some time learning to GarageBand and iMovie. With some patience and understanding, I was able to do what I had set out to do. The next time I decide to create another video in this fashion, I will do it in much less time.

What exactly did I “create” today?

Find me on Facebook (Timothy Alger Sr.) and you will see that one person who inspires me is Adam Carolla. For years he had been on the radio doing shows such as “Loveline” and “The Adam Carolla Show.” In 2009 he began “The Adam Carolla Podcast.” I rarely miss any of his podcast episodes. I purchased a book he authored in 2010 called “In 50 Years We’ll All Be Chicks.” He even came to Salt Lake City in 2010 for a performance at a local comedy club. However, I was not able to attend. When he comes to town again, I will do my best to be in the audience.

Something Adam said in his podcast got my attention. The podcast I edited and posted on YouTube was from his podcast dated 13 January 2011. He briefly talks about people such as the gunman who recently fired shots in a Tucson, Arizona grocery store killing 6. His view on the gunman and other such young offenders is that we should question their parent’s. What did they know about their child’s state of mind? What did they know about their child’s behavior that may have been disturbing? If you wish to hear more about Adam’s point of view on the subject, visit YouTube and listen to the audio I posted..

Here is a link to the video I uploaded to YouTube this afternoon:

Please not that some of the language used may not be suitable for young children.


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