President’s Day 2011

It is President’s Day in the United States today. Like other government workers, I have the day off from work. Sherry did not get the holiday off and Timmy went up to Idaho to visit friends leaving me by myself for the day. There were things I could have done such as watch a movie or two, surf the internet for hours on end or go shopping. Instead I chose to drive to Salt Lake City and decide what to see when I arrived. I brought my camera along to photograph my day’s journey.


The first stop was at the Gateway Mall (pictured above). It is an outdoor mall near downtown Salt Lake City. I always find myself here every time I drive to the big city. There are lots of nice stores to go shopping at. The Gateway Mall also features great dining and entertainment opportunities. However, it was something else that always brings me here. It’s a store that is almost a mandatory stop for me – The Apple Store. I went in to see what they had to offer in their software and accessories. Sherry will be happy to know that I walked out of there without making any purchases.

Being the cheapskate I try to be, I got back into my car before my hour of free parking was up. I drove around the downtown area looking for a place to visit and take some more pictures. At the moment, there is a lot of construction in the downtown area as new business and residential buildings are being built. I decided then the place to visit was Temple Square.


Temple Square is the location of the Salt Lake Temple for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The temple was constructed once the Mormons settled the Salt Lake valley. It took 40 years to be built using granite from the mountains east of the city. Although the temple itself is not open to the public, Temple Square has many visitor centers on its grounds.

wpid-img_0426-2011-02-21-17-26.jpg wpid-img_0427-2011-02-21-17-26.jpg

A model of the temple shown in the South Visitor’s Center


The Tabernacle


Jesus Christ surrounded in celestial glory

Across the street from Temple Square is the Conference Center for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It opened in 2000 so that more members could attend the semi-annual General Conference (April and October). It seats over 20,000 and is used for other church and community events. When I walked into the building, I was greeted by a volunteer who gives tours. The tour guide’s name was Beth and she volunteers in the Conference Center once a week. The tour included a history of the building, it’s construction, and the artwork throughout. I did my best to take a few photographs to give perspective to the size and grandeur of the Conference Center.

wpid-img_0455-2011-02-21-17-26.jpg wpid-img_0456-2011-02-21-17-26.jpg

wpid-img_0457-2011-02-21-17-26.jpg wpid-img_0458-2011-02-21-17-26.jpg

The interior of the Conference Center where General Conference is held twice each year.

wpid-img_0471-2011-02-21-17-26.jpg wpid-img_0473-2011-02-21-17-26.jpg

wpid-img_0462-2011-02-21-17-26.jpg wpid-img_0477-2011-02-21-17-26.jpg

Artwork inside the Conference Center

After the tour was complete, I felt like I was ready to go home. Sherry would be off from work soon and It was my turn to make dinner this evening. The trip to Salt Lake City only cost me $4.00 for parking and $1.84 for an aluminum bottle of Sprite (shown below). Sherry likes the pictures I took this afternoon. We will be going back down to Salt Lake City next month when we celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.



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