Pay Attention To Me!

Every time I sit at my desk, something that makes it their life’s mission to grab my attention coming between me and what I am doing. My cat, Snowball, loves doing just that.


it’s another Sunday afternoon and I am spending my free time between each load of laundry at my desk. I am working on my finances, organizing my music into playlists and playing on Facebook. As predicted, the cat found me at the desk and jumped on in front of me. He allowed me to get this picture taken. He knows my eyes will be focused on the monitor and will do everything he can to block my view.

Snowball wants one of a few things: a drink of water from the faucet (a clean bowl of water will not do), a chance to go outside and wonder, more food, or some attention. Most of the time it is attention he is seeking. After I comply with his wishes, he will either get off the desk or lay down at my desk allowing me go about my business.

After giving him a drink of water from the faucet, allowing me to take this picture, and giving him the attention he seeks, Snowball is now back in another room taking another nap. Now it’s time to get to the business at hand.


About helpermonkeytim

I'm just another person who is out there. I hope to make people think and laugh.
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