Here’s an idea that’s noteworthy

It’s Sunday evening (March 27, 2011) and I am here in front of my computer. I want to write something entertaining. However, my mind draws a blank (Shocking!!! LOL). I cannot think of a topic to write about; however, I do come up with some good ideas from time to time. What do I do?


A dramatization of Tim at his desk

What can I do to remedy the situation? How do I get from having an idea in my head on paper without forgetting? To Google I go. If there is any information out there that can help me, Google will help me get it.

I entered “writing ideas down” on the Google search engine. It only took .39 seconds to come back with about 181,000,000 ideas. WOW! It would take me the better part of a day to come up with a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of that.

The first result was The Importance of Writing Ideas Down|Paul Allen (the lesser). Paul Allen is an Internet entrepreneur who writes on his website about the importance of writing ideas down when he thinks of them. He admits to having a short memory. When he looks over the ideas he wrote down, he says “When I occasionally review my idea memos, I often come across great ideas that I have already forgotten about. I think, ‘Wow, that is a great idea!’, as if it were a completely new thought!”

Remember that Google came back with about 181,000,000 results. It means that maybe I should examine more than just the first result. This means going to the website that is second on the list. As it turns out, I found this website more informative than the first.

Writing ideas down is a phenomenal idea. Creative Ideas & Inspiration took me to an article on the website Creative Something. This article not only talked about what can happen if you don’t write your ideas down, but gave advice on what to do. The benefits for writing down an ideas once you come up with it is discussed. I was so impressed with this website, I went to the homepage and added it to my favorites on my browser.

What is the moral of this blog? If I, or anyone else, has and idea that’s cool, write it down by any means necessary. I will make sure to use the Notes app on my iPod anytime this happens (my iPod has become an appendage). I will carry a pen and notebook in my backpack as well as a voice recorder.


Now if I only had the same discipline to do this just like Bruce Lee had when practicing martial arts. I encourage you to go to the links highlighted or click on the following links below:


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